Asu Study Abroad (Arizona State University)

Study Abroad has been proven to be one of the most rewarding academic opportunities. Students who study abroad have a better chance of landing a job after graduation due to the understanding of foreign cultures and language skills they gain while overseas.  

Students who study abroad also become more adaptable, and creative, and are better problem solvers. They are stronger leaders who are internationally minded and better agents of change.

About ASU university

Arizona State University, also called ASU, is a public research university located in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1885 as the Tempe Normal School for the Arizona Territory, ASU has evolved into an institution that offers more than 250 undergraduate degree programs and 200 graduate degree programs.

ASU is classified as a research university with very high research activity by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The school has a total enrollment of approximately 70,000 students, including both undergraduate and graduate students.

The university offers a wide range of academic disciplines including arts and sciences, business administration, engineering and computer science. ASU also provides many undergraduate honors opportunities that include interdisciplinary studies such as global studies or sustainability science majors and many more.

Does ASU have a Study Abroad Program?

Yes, Arizona State University has a study abroad program. ASU offers more than 350 undergraduate and 400+ graduate programs in over 158 countries. Students can choose to study abroad for a semester or an entire academic year.

The university has several options for students to participate in international programs, including Study Abroad Programs, Global Scholars Program, International Transfer Student Center, and others.

What are ASU Requirements for International Students?

Arizona State University is an extremely selective school. In order to be considered for admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a secondary school diploma or its equivalent from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Have completed at least four years of high school or two years of college-level math and science with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (a “B” average).
  • Be fluent in English, including reading and writing abilities. (no minimum score required).
  • International students are required to take the ACT or SAT exam if they do not have an equivalent test score from their home country.

There might be other requirement when applying for the ASUS program, the once listed here are compulsory.

How much is ASU study abroad program?

The cost of study abroad programs varies greatly depending on the program, but the average cost of a semester or summer abroad is around $26,640.

The cost of your study abroad experience depends on the type of program you choose, the length of your program, and whether or not you are a resident or non-resident student.

There are many factors that come into play when determining what it will cost to study abroad. The best way to estimate how much you’ll spend on your overseas education is to look at the tuition fees for your home institution and then compare them to the costs associated with studying at ASU’s partner institutions.

If you’re looking for an in-depth breakdown on how much it costs to study at ASU’s partner institutions, visit their websites directly

Which students are able to study abroad at ASU?

The short answer is: any student! ASU offers a wide range of international study opportunities, which means you can study abroad even if you’re not an international student.

You don’t have to be a current ASU student to apply for an international program. You can apply as a transfer student or as a freshman. You don’t have to be from the U.S., either — there are many programs that accept non-native English speakers or students from other countries.

ASU also offers many scholarships for international students, so if you’re considering studying abroad at ASU, check out our scholarship page for more information.

Can ASU Online students study abroad?

The answer is yes! ASU Online students can study abroad through one of the many campuses that ASU has around the world.

ASU has multiple campuses in China, Italy, Singapore and Spain, as well as several other locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, you’ll need to check out the program offerings at each campus to see if they have anything that fits into your schedule. Some programs are only offered during the fall or spring semesters, while others offer summer options.

What is the Application Process Like?

The application process for Arizona State University is pretty standard. You have to fill out an application for admission, which you can do online.

You’ll need to submit transcripts and test scores, as well as other documents like essays, recommendations and personal statements. If you’re applying for financial aid, some additional forms may be required.

The university also has a rolling admissions policy, so you can apply any time during the year and still get in.

Once all of your materials are submitted, they’ll review your application with the rest of the pool of applicants. If you’re accepted, they’ll notify you via email or phone call.

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